142 Logements étudiant

Rouen (76)

City entrance


142 Logements étudiant

Rouen (76)

This student residence project is part of an urban context in full change: the urban area facing it, long reduced to its status of road interchange ensuring the connection of the left bank by Avenue Jean Rondeau ending on the 5th Crossing the Seine, and the outlet of the end of the Boulevard des Belges which will serve the quays towards the Norman cliffs, today changes status to become a real entrance to the historic heart of Rouen. This residence benefits from this urban project dedicated to the new mobilities and we can bet in return in the new urbanity that it brings to the district by the young residents whom it shelters.
Physically, the project also contributes. It stands out for its height, taking advantage of the distance offered by the large open space of the square. Standing frontally on its northern edge and enhanced by its two additional floors, the equipment can be seen from afar, from the banks of the Seine. The residence becomes the fourth weighting of the urban area if we count those of the other 3 neighboring high-rise buildings thus finishing with rhythm the backdrop. Its angled position with the Boulevard des Belges gives it a gateway to old Rouen. It is therefore in urban marker that the residence contributes to the skyline of Rouen.
But this distinction is not achieved without providing a respectful response to the heritage of the city. Here the demonstration is made that a tertiary building is convertible in residence of lodging.
The facade of number 27 Boulevard des Belges restored is preserved in its integrity.
The volume of the number 25 receives an addition of architecture in elevation in the spirit of the existing. The architectural work is focused on the treatment of its berries (wooden material, opening windows in two leaves, exterior shutters in accordion) to adapt them to the new expected uses. Inscribed in the existing rhythm, these bays take the deaf strength of the "serial" facades. A simple and strong architectural choice whose repetitiveness brings a remarkable contemporaneity.
Only house demolitions of interior buildings with no real architectural value and arranged without hierarchies in the heart of Islet, are planned. Instead a rational new construction orders a bright interior central space.


Contracting authority
Quevilly Habitat for Crous Normandy

Project management
Bartolo + Contré Architects

Rouen (76)


Project type
142 T1 and 1 T4 (caretaker's accommodation)

Mission type

3 722 m² SDP

Amount of work
€ 5.39 million excluding taxes

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