Block N4 Batignolles

Paris (75017) France

A low-carbon commercial building

Block N4 Batignolles

Paris (75017) France

Located to the north of the new judicial city of Paris, leaning against the new Palais de Justice, whose base it extends and erected on the edge of the ring road, this tertiary building stands out, guaranteeing its commercial success.
Icade's ambitions are strong, to build an R+7 wooden building, drawing its energy from geothermal energy to reach the E+C label - rarely achieved for a tertiary building.
The test is transformed here. A mixed wood-concrete structure is proposed. A couple of materials everywhere, on the facade as well as in the interior spaces.
The inflection of the building, dictated by the land boundary, gives it a dynamic in dialogue with the flows of the peripheral.
The façade displays a checkerboard of wood, glass and metal with brass tones, evoking the carving of a piece of silversmith's work.
A unique giant work, carved in low relief on the east gable like a punch, signals the equipment from the road network.
The building houses a new generation tertiary program that is open to today's working methods. Many third places, from the ground floor to the summit, open onto the city and its unique context.


Contracting authority
Icade promotion
Project management
Olivier Contré, Associate Architect Brunet-Saunier
Cité judiciaire de Paris, 75017 Batignolles
Calendar of events
Type of project
Offices in wooden structure
Type of mission
Competition - Private consultation
Surface area
10,300 m² SDP
Amount of work
20 M€ HT 
Bet TCE: Terrell, Elithis, AE75

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