142 Housing, hotel, offices, sports hall

Ilôt D1B, Villejuif (94)

Open density

142 Housing, hotel, offices, sports hall

Ilôt D1B, Villejuif (94)

Block D1B is located in the middle of an urban layout containing two other entities, the continuous block to the west and the fragmented block to the east. Neither at the front nor at the back, it must unite, articulate and ensure a form of continuity and transition. It has two facades facing major public spaces in the district, to the south and north. It forms part of the active "science and health" trail proposed by the blocks on the western edge. With its density and triangular shape, and its focus on views, light and mass balance, this block seeks to play on these urban arrangements. As it is at the crossroads of multiple public spaces, it is at the crossroads of the daily journeys of many city dwellers and residents. The building takes advantage of this by developing an 'active' base on the ground floor with communal programmes, while maintaining the privacy of the upper residential floors.
The proposal is both a system and a figure. The open system of staggered masses organises the internal relationships within the block and opens up possible relationships with future neighbours: the absence of continuous urban façades and the alternation of full and empty spaces provide opportunities for sunlight and depth of field for openings in adjacent blocks.


Office and laboratory building, affordable and social housing, sports hall, hotel

Project owner

Project manager
Éric Bartolo BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate 

Temple (architect)
Ingerop (TCE)
22° (landscaper)

Villejuif (94)


Surface area
22 500 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
45 800 000€ before tax


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