An Nursing home with 163 beds

Bapaume (62)

Rural integration

An Nursing home with 163 beds

Bapaume (62)

The Bapaume Hospital Centre, in the Pas-de-Calais, located 30km from Arras and 60km from Béthune, has a large multidisciplinary consultation centre around the former retirement home, a 56-bed follow-up care and rehabilitation service on an estate that provides its own logistics and administration.
Organised in pavilions of good architectural quality built according to need since the 19th century, the hospital is to be expanded again with the construction of 163 beds for the nursing home, a 20-place home for the elderly and a new mortuary.
The land devoted to the operation, reclaimed from agricultural land, offers good proximity to the technical platform and relaxing views over the plain.
The morphology of the building, deliberately low (R+1) to allow good lighting and an easy link with the outside facilities, is characterized by two volumes on the courtyard, connected by a common access core.
The Alzheimer's units are located on the ground floor, far from the main accesses but in immediate communication with finely calibrated therapeutic gardens.
The architecture of the facades, discreet and integrated, with a simple and rhythmic design, alternates solid white brick parts and generous coloured windows, in harmony with the interior layout of the rooms.


163-bed nursing home

Project owner
Bapaume Hospital

Project manager
Eric Bartolo BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate 

Bapaume (62)


Surface area
10 000 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
14 500 000€ before tax

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