Belley Hopital

Belley (01)

An nursing home and a new hospital with 346 beds and places in Belley

Belley Hopital

Belley (01)

To be integrated into a territory in the making:
The installation of the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) and the nursing home, at the crossroads of Narvik and Hoff avenues, is identified, for this peripheral sector, as a great promise for the future. They reinforce the mixed nature of the area and enrich and enhance its residential housing, its local public facilities (schools, village hall, gymnasium, etc) and its industrial and craft activities.
In order to integrate smoothly into this plural and modest built environment, the two new facilities seek to minimise their built impact on the landscape. To do this, they reduce their height to the maximum of their programmatic possibilities - for the MRO, an R+1 building which is thus the lowest of the monospaces ever built; for the nursing home, an R+2 building which, despite its additional floor, succeeds in stretching a base to the equivalent height (about 10 m) of that of its co-programme, by playing on the altimetry of its base and by taking advantage of the imposed height of the MRO's interventional plateau. And in the end it is indeed the same skyline that they are designing. A skyline that resonates perfectly with the current built context and that announces with determination the skyline that tomorrow could highlight a new urban polarity.
 They also place their longest façade at a distance from the service roads and the roundabout accessing the site. This distance is conducive to the development of a landscaped car park, the extent of which, like the richness of the planting, amplifies the effect of the perspective that it induces, and still seems to the observers - whether residents or visitors - to lower the general purity of the constructions.


MCO 158 beds and places + Ehpad 188 beds

Project owner
Dr Récamier Hospital in Belley (01)

Project manager
Olivier Contré, associate architect Kardham

Oikos (landscape architect)
TPFI (civil engineering design)
ENGIE (maintenance)

Avenue de Narvick, Belley (01)

CREAM Competition, Team Spie-Batignolles 

Surface area
30,000 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
40 000 000€ before tax

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