Eco-garden, Joint Development Zone of Rungis

Paris (75013)

Eco-garden, Joint Development Zone of Rungis

Paris (75013)

This landscape project is an invitation to lose one's urban reflexes.
The path is an immersive experience where the relationship with nature blurs the memory of the concrete reality.
The landscape project is beyond any control, here the spontaneous prevails over the rule.
A walkway, made entirely of wood, wiggles, becomes a bridge over the water, splits at the slightest obstacle or branches out in the manner of a rice tree without rigor so that the walks it initiates are inspiring, breathing...
To seek to perch, to lose oneself in a garden which ensures without showing it a structure of dreamlike and new course in the middle of the city.


Public square, playgrounds, eco-garden

Project owner
Paris City Hall, Department of Green Spaces and the Environment 

Project management
Éric BARTOLO associate architect BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme

ZAC Rungis, 75013 Paris


Surface area
5 000 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
1 200 000€ before tax

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31 rue Meslay 75003 Paris France


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