Institute of Neurosciences

Gif-sur-Yvette (91)

A neuroscience research centre for the CEA

Institute of Neurosciences

Gif-sur-Yvette (91)

At the heart of the CEA research cluster, which already includes the Neurospin building and the Cognitive Science Imaging Centre, the University of Paris-Saclay's neuroscience building completes the future NeuroSaclay cluster.
The programme includes an animal laboratory in the basement, a reception and conference room on the ground floor and 3 research platforms on the upper floors.
Positioned in a high-quality landscaped park, the building takes up the whole of the land allotted to it, developing a minimum number of storeys for the sake of integration.
The layout is designed according to a diagrammatic configuration that organises the patios, rooms and circulation in a homogenous and equal manner. As a result, the researcher is able to explore a wealth of space.
This interior freedom is ensured by a structural exoskeleton that inherently shapes the building's façades.
© Brunet-Saunier Architecture 


Research laboratories

Project owner
Saclay CEA

Project manager
Olivier Contré Brunet Saunier Architecture associate

National Road, Gif-sur-Yvette (91)

Competition - MOP 

Surface area
17 200 m² net floor area

Value of construction work
33 200 000€ before tax

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