JO2024 - Athletes' Village - Lot E

Saint-Ouen (93)


JO2024 - Athletes' Village - Lot E

Saint-Ouen (93)

Sector E of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Village offers an incredible opportunity to transform a territory today and tomorrow and to set up an innovative neighbourhood for 2050: a neighbourhood with a positive impact, an inclusive city, without relegation, welcoming for all its inhabitants and for biodiversity.
The 5 objectives for "les Belvédères" and "les Villas" (the two areas that make up sector E) are summarised as follows
  • To offer an athletes' village that breathes Paris 2050 and as a legacy, a mixed and generous neighbourhood open to the Seine,
  • To propose a project in smooth transition between Saint-Ouen and Saint-Denis for a future district anchored in its context,
  • Instilling a spirit in the area, by implementing an architectural grammar that contributes to the urban atmosphere of public and private spaces,
  • Install biodiversity in all spaces: ground, facades, roofs...
  • Designing a neighbourhood micro-climate based on the achievement of a low-carbon objective.
Among the residential buildings that make up the urban project, the two R+9 buildings positioned on "Le Belvédère" (E1A and E2A) and the other two R+5 buildings integrated into the "faubourg" (E1A' and E2A') are designed by Bartolo+Contré Architectes.
The R+9 prow building displays the general skyline of the future district from its vantage point on the Seine. The play of volumes in its upper part, which creates as many surprising spaces as privileged terraces, ensures the destination of its "significant" role as the bow of a "ship".
Furthermore, the design of the building offers qualitative living spaces on all floors and habitable facades for each inhabitant facing the most interesting viewpoints.
Positioned at the interface between the "villas" district and the "belvedere" towers, the median plots in R+5 adapt to the pedestrian scale in a "faubourien" urban project of small collective buildings and townhouses. In contrast to the neighbouring urban frontage, these buildings stand out for their architectural capacity to generate several ways of living outside or living with the context. In loggias, balconies or terraces, each flat benefits from a particular extension shaped according to the view, the orientation of the sun, the proximity of the Seine or of a planted area, etc...


120 housing units

Project owner


Project manager
Bartolo+Contré Architects

Marc Barani (coordinating architects)
Atelier Rita,
Vincent Lavergne
François Brugel (associated architects)

Lot E of the Olympic Athletes' Village
Saint-Ouen (93) 


Surface area
9 390 m² net floor area

Cost of contruction work

19 500 000€ before tax


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