Lens Hospital

Lens (62)

An MRO hospital with 571 beds

Lens Hospital

Lens (62)

This comprehensive MRO programme is surely the most ambitious of recent years in France. It places digital technology and robotics, supported at the highest level by the region, at the service of better patient care in its extended territory. It imposes the most demanding requirements in terms of sustainable development and one of the tightest construction ratios ever envisaged.
The architectural response is both radical and ambitious.
The hospital is set in a large landscaped garden that naturally structures the pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
The functional concept proposed, "tri-lobed", is a variation on the concept of the minivan, achieving a very efficient surface ratio. The interior functional connections are very short and the regulation of flows is rigorously ensured. An integrated digital system serves telemedicine and on-board robotics and provides efficient patient care. 
A large covered and uncluttered greenhouse, located upstream of the hall, creates a recreational buffer space. Tempered, it allows users to get out of the "process", sheltered, to enjoy themselves.
The facades are designed according to a "heliotropic" concept where each face has its own characteristics, like polarised glass.
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New MRO hospital

Project owner
Lens Hospital

Project manager
Olivier Contré Brunet Saunier Architecture associate


Rue Louise Michel, Lens (62)

Public work management competition 

Surface area
71 740 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
140 000 000€ before tax 

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