Libourne Hospital

Libourne (33)

Extension of the Robert Boulin Hospital with a 500-bed accommodation and consultation building


Libourne Hospital

Libourne (33)

Located on the historic site of the Hospices Etienne Sabatié, the Pierre Boulin Hospital, built in 1971, was not adapted to today's medical activities and was considerably extended by a building for consultations and accommodation. The rest of the services remain in the old building, and the extension is organised around a central artery linking the two.
The extension succeeds in its urban integration through its geometrical logic. To the east, this geometry is aligned with that of the Pierre Boulin hospital and, by a large arc of a circle with a 600m radius, it ends up to the west with that of the Etienne Sabatier site.
The typological concept here is hybrid. In the second third, the units are open to guarantee a general view of the outside from the rooms.
Architecturally, 5 branches are deployed on an urban base, facing the site entrance. The sober and modern design of these buildings is made up of a metal skin with metallic colours, vibrant according to the context.
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Accommodation and consultation building

Project owner
Libourne Hospital

Project manager
Olivier Contré Brunet Saunier Architecture associate

Gérold Zimmerli (hospital consultant)
Archipat (heritage architect)
SETEC (civil engineering design)

112 rue de la Marne, 33505 Libourne

Competition - CR GCC-SPIE Group - 2013

Surface area
41 600 m² of floor space

Cost of construction work
80 M€ before tax

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