L'Îlot Féval Rennes

Rennes (35)

L'Îlot Féval, a tertiary complex in the Eurorennes joint development zone in Rennes

L'Îlot Féval Rennes

Rennes (35)

The Euro-Rennes station development programme takes advantage of the multimodal connection created by the arrival of the Paris-Rennes high-speed railroad and the expected convergence of the two metro lines. This business district, which continues the redevelopment of the station, has a high profile. The programmed urban outline is strongly marked by free and expressive urban forms.
A team of three major agencies worked together with ADIM to develop the architectural visions of the three buildings on the block.
Among them, the building visible on the railway line and the Alma bridge, a 7-storey tertiary building on a commercial base, designed in the shape of a "steel prism", has a slope that visually accompanies the railway movements.
The vertically screen-printed façades, deposited with silver, act as a solar filter and contribute to the building's excellent thermal classification.
© Brunet-Saunier Architecture


Tertiary macro-lot

Project owner
Adim Ouest

Project manager
Olivier Contré Brunet Saunier Architecture associate

François Leclercq and Nomade Architects

Féval plot, Eurorennes joint development zone, Rennes (35)

Competition - Private consultation

Surface area
18 300 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
38 300 000€ before taxe

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