Medical Simulation Building - Simmar Project

Aix-Marseille University (13)

A medical simulation building for medical students at Aix-Marseille University

Medical Simulation Building - Simmar Project

Aix-Marseille University (13)

As René Eger might have hoped in his time for the future of his work, the organisation of the volumes of the new building reveals the fundamental principles of the programme. 
The central building, grouping together the simulation rooms, is framed by two "service" volumes hosting, to the north-west, the technical services premises and, to the south-east, those dedicated to the students, i.e. the access and the main distributions, the cloakrooms and other amenities. The latter, superimposing 3 simulation platforms, of rectangular, neutral and fundamentally flexible shape, is volumetrically dissociated on either side of the two "serving" satellites by two vertical service cores. This triptych, composed of three monoliths of different formats and contrasting styles, unfolds three architectural sequences that are well integrated into the built and landscape context. 
From the entrance level, a high point of privileged observation (+7M in relation to the ground floor), the view of the equipment in profile highlights the kinetic effect of the juxtaposition of the 3 steles. The wing facing the forecourt, lowered by one level, interacts harmoniously with the volume of the tripod, of equivalent height. On the flank of the connecting core, urban-scale signage indicates the presence of SIMMAR and of the University more generally. 
From the "Prairie", a place of freedom for students, the building addresses its most slender façade. The monumental staircases, the terrace of the high-fidelity foyer, set back, and the hall, benefiting from judiciously positioned glass frames, break the assumed silence of the architecture. Its staircase profile creates a new facade on the second floor that enters into a dialogue with the template of building 1. 
A new place of use is proposed all along the current service gallery. It will be rehabilitated. Protected from the sun and rain by a skilfully designed pergola, alternating terraces and beds of low and rising vegetation, this new space offers students, in addition to the possibility of strolling towards the SIMMAR and the amphitheatres, the possibility of taking a break to exchange ideas, have a meal or even study.


Construction of a medical simulation building 

Project owner
Aix-Marseille University 

Project management
Demathieu Bard Construction (general contractor)
3A Architectes Associés
Bartolo+Contré architectes 

BERIM (structure, VRD)
KETEN (fluids, SSI, HQE)
ENEOR (commissioning)
FUGRO (geotechnics)
VENATECH (acoustics)
LMPR (demolition/asbestos removal)

North Hospital site - Aix-Marseille University (13) 

Competition, Design and Build

Surface area
2 330 m² SU

11 400 000 € before tax

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