Offices on the banks of the Upper Dêule

Lille (59)

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Offices on the banks of the Upper Dêule

Lille (59)

This project is part of an area of Lille with a significant industrial history. A new page is being turned here to new technologies. Located precisely on the south-east bank of the Cour de Bretagne, in the middle of an already well-developed tertiary sector, this "communicating" building is open to its context through the "narrative" transparency of its façades and the multiplication of its accesses.
The interior spaces are designed to accommodate new, extroverted ways of working, with a permanent visual link to the city, its history and its urbanity.
They invite people to work in a variety of ways, in groups or alone, in complete confidentiality or by exhibiting the fruits of their production.
In these offices of great freedom, one can take advantage of the daylight to read, write in front of the building or type in the centre of the stage in front of one's computer screen in a semi-enclosed "bubble", meet a client face to face, sitting comfortably in an armchair overlooking the courtyard of Brittany or in a confidential room further back, etc...


Office building

Project owner

Project manager
Éric Bartolo architect BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate 

Lille, banks of Haute Dêule


Surface area
1 000 m² floor area


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