Polytechnic School

Saclay (91)

From formal to informal

Polytechnic School

Saclay (91)

This shared teaching building will accommodate users from various scientific institutions (Mines télécom, AgroParisTech, ENSTA ParisTech, etc.). The strengthening of links between these different disciplines is to be stimulated by an innovative built environment that encourages work and exchanges, while anticipating future uses.
From the formal to the informal, from the rigorous to the creative, the building is organised as a dyptic. The traditional classrooms are extended by open spaces - places of teaching and exchange offering great freedom of layout. These are visually linked to the rest of the building (empty spaces on the upper and lower levels), giving a sensational clarity to the interior volume. These "open cells" invite a privileged relationship with the park, whose glass wall is deliberately dematerialised. A set of twin staircases offers a multitude of interior situations (terraces, small amphitheatres, etc.). Outside, these staircases offer a series of belvederes overlooking the park, intensifying the building's relationship with its surroundings. These staircases climb the entire façade, allowing visitors to wander freely from the park to the landscaped roof.


Meeting spaces for students, teachers and researchers in the Ecole Polytechnique district: teaching rooms, meeting, conference and reception rooms, amphitheatre, computer rooms, collaborative work space, catering space and offices.

Project owner

Project manager
Chartier Dalix (headmasters)
Eric Bartolo BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate (project manager)

Mickaël Hassani
Elodie Heim Besson (associate architects)
Egis (civil engineering)
Elioth (HQE)
ACOUSTB (acoustics)

Saclay campus (91)

Surface area
9,000 m² net floor area

Cost of the construction work
21 000 000€ before tax


HQE certification

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