Quartier des Charcoix

Pléssis-Paté (91)


Quartier des Charcoix

Pléssis-Paté (91)

Block 9 of the Charcoix district, bordered to the north by the Route de Corbeil and to the south by a vast ecological park, is a mixed-use development, with 2 types of housing built around a service road and a central courtyard: intermediate housing and collective housing.
It is a plot that is firmly rooted in the landscape, which gives it obvious intrinsic qualities: the homes on this plot will take advantage of this situation. The aim here is to propose housing types that echo what is already there, with a clear commitment to urban continuity: the intermediate housing, with an east/west orientation, comes from the family of village dwellings, with individual access and a variety of gauges. The volumetric shifts, the play of roofs, their orientations and their different heights, evoke the streets of a peri-urban village bordered by a carriage road.
On the other side of this road, a more imposing building, reminiscent of a large rural farm, is built around a vast central courtyard. Divided by a fault line to the west and opening onto a green forecourt to the east, this inhabited farm wanders and lets the landscape intrude right up to the foot of its foundations, in the continuity of the ecological park bordering the south of the site.


15 homes

Project owner
Groupe Pichet

Project manager
Bartolo+Contré architects

Quartier des Charcoix
91220 Pléssis-Paté

2023 competition

Surface area
4,372 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
5,8 M€ before tax 

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