Requalification of the René Binet school group

Paris (75018)

Joyful identity

Requalification of the René Binet school group

Paris (75018)

In the north of Paris, between the Boulevard des Maréchaux and the ring road, surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings, the Jardin René Binet takes a break from the density and speed of the city to enjoy a break from the vegetation. An ideal place for the installation of this local school group...
Here everything is done to save the garden and preserve the feeling of an urban oasis for the benefit of the school and the neighborhood.
The program invites two missions, the rehabilitation of the elementary school and an extension to receive the nursery school.
The project is seen as a whole to reinforce the urban act. The buildings are organized around the periphery and together produce a protective background.
The architecture is deliberately voluble to stand out and claim a new joyful identity. The volumes are sculpted with facets playing with the clean and projected shadows.
The harmony is ensured by the common materiality of the two programs. The principle of the facade openings, free in its expression, provides selected framings on the heart of the block to sequence the movements of the students by comforting pauses.
The thick envelope, a combination of white concrete on the outside and wood on the inside, provides a feeling of warm protection.


Educational buildings (construction of a 10 class kindergarten, requalification of 2 elementary schools and staff housing)

Project owner
City of Paris

Project management
Éric Bartolo, BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate 

IOSIS Bâtiments, IOSIS Concept, Elioth

60 rue René Binet, 75018 Paris


Surface area
3,200 m² SDP (nursery school) + 1,373 m² SDP (elementary schools)

Cost of construction work
19 500 000€ HT 

Requalified buildings: primary energy needs < 50 kWh / m² useful per year (City of Paris Climate Plan) - New building: primary energy needs < 0 kWh / m² useful per year (Energy 0)

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