The Belvedere

Bordeaux (33)

Beating heart

The Belvedere

Bordeaux (33)

An unprecedented urban growth of the Saint-Jean Belcier territory is projected by the arrival of the TGV, high speed train.
One of the largest development projects in the country is being undertaken by Bordeaux-Metropole.
In this context, the "Belvédère" district is perhaps the most emblematic of Bordeaux's fluvial metropolitan heart. 
Anchored on the right bank of the Garonne in the axis of the Pont Saint-Jean, its role is to reclaim a part of the city that has been neglected until now.
This district project provides a unique opportunity to be there, both on the river bank and in the middle of the bustling city centre.
Here the landscape blends intimately with the urban planning as an ecosystem, making this place a true city-nature.
The architecture is presented as a large continuous ribbon, framing a large mineral esplanade in front, overlooking the river, and behind it a few protected, generously planted city blocks.
The expected growth is such that the programmatic projections are difficult to determine. The buildings are therefore designed to be flexible and open to all future possibilities.
However, the dimensions, shape, structure and facades contribute to the richness of individual and collective life. The vaults, terraces, inhabited facades, etc. preserve the amenity of the place in this zone of phenomenal expansion.


Mixed housing, offices and shops in the new Belvedere district

Project owner
EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique

ICADE, Domofrance, Pichet, Vinci

Project manager
Éric Bartolo, BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate 

TN+ Paysagistes

Concerted development zone Garonne Eiffel, Right Bank, Bordeaux


Surface area
140 000 m² net floor area

Cost  of construction work
270 000 000€ before tax 

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