UFR MIM and LEM3 Metz Technopole

Metz (57)

A training/research unit and a laboratory for the University of Lorraine

UFR MIM and LEM3 Metz Technopole

Metz (57)

In a single Public-Private Partnership procedure, the University of Lorraine is acquiring two additional buildings on its rapidly expanding Metz campus.
The "LEM 3" building, which is white in colour, will house a microstructures and materials mechanics laboratory. It consists broadly of a characterisation platform and a set of offices.
A "UFR MIM" building, blue in the project, which houses the Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics Training and Research Unit. It places a research centre and a teaching centre opposite each other.
Although both buildings are located on the same campus, they are in very different urban contexts.
The "LEM3", an immaculate white monolith whose windows are hidden from view, gives the building a sculptural scale visible from the entrance to the campus.
The UFR MIM, on the other hand, forms an urban front on Augustin Fresnel Street, clearly displaying a filiform hall and its conference rooms.
Each building thus has a very specific role in the multiform urban ensemble of the campus.

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Mathematics-Informatics-Mechanics Training and Research Unit (UFR MIM) and a Microstructure and Mechanics of Materials Studies Laboratory

Project owner
University of Lorraine

Project manager
Olivier Contré Brunet Saunier Architecture associate


METZ Technopôle, rue Augustin

Bouygues Group PPP competition

Surface area
UFR MIM : 11 925 m² floor area
LEM : 2 800 m² floor area

Cost of construction work
29 500 000€ before tax

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