94 Mixed-use housing units

Rennes (35) France

An exceptional figure

94 Mixed-use housing units

Rennes (35) France

Facing the Vilaine River, and at the intersection of three major public spaces in the ZAC, this programme offers the district an emblematic entrance and a new commercial centre.
This polymorphic vessel develops a commercial base of 1000 m² on 2 levels topped by a 16-level tower to the north, an 8-level tower to the south-west, 2-level town houses between the two, and finally a 5-level volume to the south-east.
Among these figures, the tower is an exceptional one in the urban landscape.
However, here, in the context of the Rennais sector of Baud Chardonnet, it is familiar and domestic thanks to the configuration of the flats open at the corners onto the Vilaine and by the landscaping of collective gardens on its base.
Everything has been designed for better living: panoramic views of the distant landscape, multiple orientations at the four cardinal points, quality private spaces (gardens, loggias, terraces, etc.) for all the flats.
This architecture provides all the advantages of high-rise living while preserving a strong link with the ground through its interaction with public space.


94 mixed-use housing units and shops

Type of mission
Complete (Design + Execution)

Project owner

Project manager
Éric Bartolo BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate

Olivier Rozé (architect)
EVP (structure)
Inex (fluids)
Cabinet Bagot et Associés (economist)
Meta (acoustics)

ZAC Baud-Chardonnet, Rennes (35)

Surface area
6,700 m² net floor area

Cost of construction work
9 200 000€ before tax

Habitat & Environment

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