40 housing units in Château-Thierry

Château Thierry (02)

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40 housing units in Château-Thierry

Château Thierry (02)

The town of Château-Thierry is undertaking a major urban regeneration project involving Bartolo+Contré Architectes and SCET-Action Cœur de Ville-Seda-Ville.
The project, which is divided into two phases covering two blocks in the Île district, will involve the construction of 80 homes, ground-floor shops and the redevelopment of urban spaces.
The first phase, comprising 40 homes, is being developed by Crédit-Agricole Aménagement Nord-Est and the Nacarat Group.
The architectural project is part of Castelthéodor's "remarkable" architectural heritage, which may have been spared the ravages of the Great War, but is in an advanced state of disrepair.
It establishes a dialogue with its built environment, reinterpreting the compositional and architectural principles of the pre-war town.
The project respects the main principles of the Girometti-Leclercq report "Habiter la France de demain" (Living in the France of Tomorrow), which followed the Covid crisis. Large dwellings, most of which are double-aspect, with large shaded terraces, etc.

It is also a compact, low-carbon, low-energy building that exceeds the targets of the RE2020. Its "post-floor-slab" structure and terracotta infill save 70% in CO2 emissions compared with a concrete shell (81TCo2vs287TCo2).
This concept allows the building to be scalable and reversible (Climate and Resilience Act of 22 August 2021).
The composition of the façade is the result of its structure. Raw concrete exo-structure, rendered with natural lime.


40 dwellings and shops/activities

Type of mission
Complete (Design + Execution)

Project owner
SCET-Action Cœur de Ville-Seda-Ville
Crédit-Agricole Aménagement Nord-Est and Nacarat

Project management
Bartolo+Contré Architects

Alain Arnoud (structure)
OAK (fluids)
Thierry Lebaron (economy)

Under construction

Surface area
3 250 m²

Cost of construction work

RE 2020

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