Centre de Santé Ambulatoire - Médicina Bordeaux

Bordeaux (33)

"Ma Santé 2022"

Centre de Santé Ambulatoire - Médicina Bordeaux

Bordeaux (33)

For the past 20 years, in the context of successive policies to control public spending, the health sector has undergone a succession of transformations, most of them dictated by government decisions. The T2A (Mattéï 2003 plan), the successive major real estate investment plans (...) have changed its landscape.
But this landscape is now ambiguous. With, in particular, imbalances and disparities in the social and health typologies in living areas. A landscape that must now recover a certain balance and seek - with the objective of equal access to care for all - to rectify the excesses of hospital-centrism and to encourage the shift to ambulatory care. A landscape that still has to quickly succeed in taking on not only the ecological transition, which questions past choices in favour of "gigantism" and "all-car", but also the digital revolution, which is working to inaugurate a dematerialised hospital "outside the walls" around the Shared Medical File.
The "Ma santé 2022" law (July 2019), which extended the HPST law (July 2009), aims to adapt the health system to the current societal epidemiological transition (chronic diseases, ageing and dependency, current public health issues (obesity, tobacco, the cancer plan...)
It tends to favour an evolution towards a more cooperative mode of practice. This can only be conceived through the development of new health organisations, capable of providing, through the grouping of health professionals in the area, high interprofessional added value between the city and the hospital, at the origin of innovation through medical quality.
Following on from our research, SHAPE, developed by the agency in 2019, the Médicina Santé Group has entrusted Bartolo+Contré Architects with the construction of a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary health centre in Bordeaux. This local ambulatory centre will be equipped with a balneotherapy centre. 
The project, anchored in the future eco-district of the Zac Saint-Maurice, respects commitments to sustainable development that are unprecedented in the health sector. Its mixed wood/concrete structure and low-consumption objectives make it an example of low-carbon construction.


Ambulatory health centre with technical tray and balneotherapy

Project owner
Group Medicina Health

Project management
Bartolo+Contré architects

ZAC Garonne-Eiffel
Quartier Deschamps, Bordeaux (33)

2024 - Under construction 


5 000 m² 

Cost of construction work
11 000 000 € before tax 

Energy Performance
Wood construction

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