Geriatric ward and day hospital of the hospital centre

Montargis (45)

Hospital continuum

Geriatric ward and day hospital of the hospital centre

Montargis (45)

The Montargis hospital centre is spread over a vast expanse of plain on the edge of the town. The different buildings that make up the centre are mainly governed in their layout and form by the rules of functionality and access. In the course of time and according to necessity, the entities have been arranged in a logic of proximity. The result is a fortuitous urbanism where access roads and car parks are omnipresent. 
The aim is to work with the hospital logic on the scale of the entire site. As the first building in a series of extensions, it is an opportunity to propose a general organisation scheme.
The proposed urban system allows for the eventual creation of more than 200,000 m² of additional space.
The building, the first piece of this puzzle, is connected to the MCO by an internal street, a wide aerial gallery. It is the backbone of the planned urban system.
The site opens up towards the east and the plain, and is organised around planted masses, parks and a framed "main square".
Technically, the building is also an innovative translation of the dimensional constraints: the thick slabs integrate all the "fluids".


Building for geriatric medicine, administration and the central sterilisation department of the hospital

Type of mission
Complete (Design + Execution)

Project owner
Montargo Hospital Centre

Project manager
BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme

BETOM Ingénierie
Iqualis Santé
Cap Terre

Centre Hospitalier de l'Agglomération Montargoise, Amilly (45)

Surface area
5,110 m² SDO 

Cost of construction work
7 700 000€ HT

BBC (< 50 kWh / m²)

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