Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Paediatric Emergency Department

Chartres Hospital

Elastic, flexible, extensible

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Paediatric Emergency Department

Chartres Hospital

The aim of this project is to group together the intensive care unit, the continuing care unit and the adult and paediatric emergency units of Chartres Hospital into a "critical care unit".
The placement of this centre outside the main building is strategic. Being off-centre, it makes it easier to adapt to the necessary separation of flows during a health crisis, while remaining close to the main building. It also makes it possible to concentrate emergency flows around the emergency doctors and resuscitation doctors and to ensure better synergy between them.
By rearranging the furniture, the resuscitation sector can be increased from 12 to 27 beds in a few hours to absorb the peaks in attendance.
If the intensive care building is displayed in the foreground, its architectural treatment extending to the SAU unifies the whole. The new address must reflect the aesthetic and ethical values of tomorrow: a sober, dignified and eco-responsible design.
Thus, the architectural treatment, conceived in two superimposed layers, installs on the ground floor a base combining noble materials (clear raw concrete and embossed metal) topped by an architectural cap and, on the roof, an upper layer of green technical premises.
The ensemble displays a dynamic image, symbolising the speed of emergency flows.


Construction of a building grouping together the intensive care unit, the Critical Care Unit and the Paediatric Emergency Department of Chartres Hospital

Project owner
Chartres Hospital

Project management
ETPO (general contractor)
Bartolo+Contré architects

OTEIS Le Mans (engineering)

Chartres Hospital (28)

Studies in progress 

Surface area
4544 m² SDO

Cost of construction work
9 033 000 € before tax

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