Point P activity building

Massy (91)

A "new generation" activity space


Point P activity building

Massy (91)

The founding principles of the design of the La Bonde business park, a new generation "Point P" economic space, point to quality, sustainability and integration.
The complex firmly holds its urban boundaries defined by the corner of Route de la Bonde and Rue Aulnay Dracourt.
An enclosure defines the boundaries of an exterior/interior space that is sometimes open-air, sometimes enclosed.
Here, landscape and architecture dialogue through a nuanced game of translucent walls that let you guess things without really revealing them.
At night, like a lighthouse, the building is displayed glittering by the play of interior lights that it reveals.
Although the park's footprint is simply rectangular, the inflection of the top of the surrounding facades punctuates its visual impact on its immediate surroundings.
So many architectural attentions that take strength in a meticulously worked landscape context where public spaces, valleys, ponds and plantations are linked with intelligence.


Commercial building (sales area, storage and material yard)

Type of mission
Complete mission (design + execution)

Project owner
Point P

Project management
Éric Bartolo BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate

Other contributor
Denis Gabillat (perspective designer)

ZAC de la Bonde, 91300 Massy

Competition 2013 - Study phase 2014 - Delivered in 2016

2,853 m² net floor area
Outdoor areas: 6,263 m²

Cost of construction work
2,7 M€ HT

BBC, water treatment by phytorestoration for zero discharge

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