Sainte-Musse Hospital

Toulon (83)

Photo : Michel Denancé

An 850-bed MCO and PSY hospital


Sainte-Musse Hospital

Toulon (83)

Sainte-Musse Hospital is one of the first buildings to physically organize health into a centre of activity. Its horizontality, with its synergistic virtues, is a real turning point in the history of hospital typologies. The program itself did not envisage such an upgrade of functions. This typology, which gave its baptismal name to the future minivan, responds with determination to the inadequacy of the old vertical tripod building of 1963, the Font-Pré, which it replaces. Designed around central technical platforms installed on each floor around two activity centres, inherited from the concept of programmer Pierre Soulier and the open-mindedness of the hospital's management, the building's design is unique.
The hospital site is organized in campus mode by 3 buildings, the MCO, the administration and the psychiatry building federated by a central landscaped mall also called rambla. 
The façade of the MCO building, streaked with thick resin concrete strips, provides year-round sun protection and gives the interior spaces a temperate microclimate desirable in the Var.
The interior spaces are entirely white, fresh, clean, with a sadly pastel nose tones of the current hospitals.


Type of project
MCO 850 beds

Type of mission
Complete mission (design + execution)

Project owner
Toulon Hospital La Seyne sur Mer

Project management
Brunet Saunier Architecture, associated Olivier Contre

UA - Unité d'Architecture (associated architect), Gérold Zimmerli (hospital consultant), Edeis (BET TCE)

54 Rue Henri Sainte-Claire Deville, 83100 Toulon

2003 - Delivery 2014

Surface area
85 000 m² SDO

Amount of work
207 M€ HT

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