West Medipole of Guyana

An Ambulatory Care Building in Saint-Laurent du Maroni (973)

A bioclimatic hospital architecture

West Medipole of Guyana

An Ambulatory Care Building in Saint-Laurent du Maroni (973)

The second objective of Guyane Santé's establishment project is to contribute to the rebalancing of the healthcare offer in the region, by strengthening the healthcare and medico-social offer in western Guyana.
The Guyane Santé Group has thus decided to deploy in Saint-Laurent du Maroni and to set up a Médipôle there, exclusively for outpatients. This project is in line with this territorial rebalancing objective, while allowing the development of outpatient services in Saint-Laurent, a city in the west of the country that is experiencing strong growth and is destined to become the economic heart of French Guyana. It is therefore a first-level solution, complementary to the West Guiana Hospital Centre (CHOG), the only player in the region performing surgical procedures, and to the Health Centres (CDPS), which will be able to refer their patients whose care is covered by an outpatient surgical procedure. 
The Médipôle de l'Ouest will open in 2024 and will group together specialised and general medical consultations, backed up by an imaging, radiology and rehabilitation technical platform. It will also have telemedicine and day hospitalisations in SSR. In addition, it will offer the possibility of a public-private practice which will contribute to the sedentarisation of medical skills in the area. The Médipôle will also propose the development of a technical platform for outpatient surgery with 4 rooms for vascular surgery, ophthalmological surgery, orthopaedic surgery of the hand and wrist and arthroscopies.
This project aims to structure the healthcare offer in the Saint-Laurent du Maroni basin by offering complementary treatments. The CHOG will also be the recourse establishment for any need for post-operative hospitalisation and to allow a rapid and secure transfer of patients from the Médipôle to the CHOG's intensive care unit in the event of any problems. 


Outpatient departement with 8 places + 30 beds of Continued Rehabilitation Care. 

Complete (Design + Execution)

Project owner
Guyane Santé Group

Project management
Bartolo+Contré architects
Triptyque Architecture

APSIS Santé (programming)
OPTIMAL Ingénierie (economics)
BETEM (engineering) 

ZAC Saint-Maurice
Saint-Laurent du Maroni, West of Guyana (973)

Studies in progress 

6 800 m²

Cost of construction work

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