JO2024 - Athletes' Village - River Ecoquartier

L'Île-Saint-Denis (93)

Island village

JO2024 - Athletes' Village - River Ecoquartier

L'Île-Saint-Denis (93)

The Ïle-Saint-Denis river eco-district is an island parcel of the large athletes' village of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It is an extension of the recently completed zac of the same name. Here, 2,500 athletes will be accommodated on 55,000 m² of floor space. Housing, student residences, hotels, offices, a nautical base and a city of the arts will be developed especially for this occasion.  But it is with the ambition of building an ecological and integrated "heritage" village that the Erit group, chaired by Amétis, has designed its project.
Among the many buildings that make up the urban project, the "PE5" office building, designed by the Bartolo+Contré architects, stands out as an urban landmark.
The building's high profile, positioned at the entrance to the joint development zone, signals the presence of the river district in the distance, from the opposite banks, or from the future Olympic facilities and even as far as the Pleyel crossroads. To enhance its role, the volume on the Seine is refined to intensify the dynamic effect of its profile. The building, with a ground floor + mezzanine, reaches a height of 35m above the Seine, and yet its perception from the Place des Arts is not overwhelming. In fact, its addressing in the heart of the block, characterised by a succession of "suspended" terraces, gives it a human dimension on the scale of the heart of the district. The general principle of the façade consists of a low-carbon concrete structure into which a wooden curtain wall is inserted. The architectural style of the main body of the building, like a simple, recurrent, thick material partition, presents a contrast on two strata, on the ground floor and on the top levels. Numerous analyses have shown that the boundary between private and professional life is becoming blurred. The building offers an original and forward-looking program in the tertiary sector through a concept of co-living/coworking that is rapidly expanding throughout the world. The floors organise a mix of work, leisure, restaurant and temporary residence spaces. At the same time, the concept makes it possible to keep almost all the bathrooms used during the Olympic Games. This is an important contribution to our eco-responsible approach.


125 co-living + co-working flats

Project owner
Solidéo-Plaine Commune
Erit Group (Amétis, Duval, les Promoteurs du Grand Paris, EDF)

Project manager
Bartolo+Contré architects

Itar (coordinating architects)
Loci Anima
Valéro Gadan
Ameller Dubois
Laraqui Bringer (architects)
Oteis + Bérim
YAM (perspectives)

Zac de l'Ecoquartier Fluvial de l'Île-Saint-Denis (93)


Surface area
6 500 m² net floor area

15 000 000€ before tax


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