Residence with 148 rooms

Porte Pouchet, Paris (75017)



Residence with 148 rooms

Porte Pouchet, Paris (75017)

The joint development zone of Porte Pouchet is undergoing a major transformation, with new housing, new facilities and shops. The tourist residence is ideally located in a context where the urban landscape is characterised by its heterogeneity. Designing an attractive programme is an ambitious challenge.
Here a strong, flexible, urban and open architecture is proposed. The project develops horizontally along Place Pouchet, and is divided into superimposed layers. The heart of the block is cleared by the creation of a landscaped park.
The ground floor is 125m long and offers a range of surface areas from 70m² to 200m² for several restaurants, a florist, a newsagent/tobacco shop, a medical centre, a pharmacy and a banking area.
The tourist residence offers 148 rooms, including 42 doubles and 106 singles, a wellness area with a spa and hammam, as well as a fitness area. In addition, a parking lot for 56 cars has been provided.
The objective for this programme is to achieve 120 kwh/m²/year of primary energy consumption, thus aiming for HEQ certification.


Type of project
Hotel and shops

Project owner
CFA Ile-de-France/SEMAVIP

Project manager
Éric BARTOLO associate architect BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme

ARCOBA (TCE), VS-A (Façades), AVEL (acoustics), Art Pais (landscaping), RFR (HQE)

Joint Development Zone of Porte Pouchet, îlot Borel, 75 017 Paris

Competition 2013

Surface area
5,192 m² net floor area 

9 M€ before tax

HEQ certification

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