Tertiary building

Massy (91)

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Tertiary building

Massy (91)

This site forms a pivot between the new district and the city. It is located among other large-scale office programs organized at the end of a planted mall and overlooking the RER rail network. From here, a view of the old Massy opens up. The triangular shape of the plot creates a 360° interaction with the context.
Within a volumetry composed of gridded office floors, some "formal events" of exceptional dimensions are embedded, inside and outside. They hollow out the form to establish a dialogue with the landscape. They are also perfect spots for relaxation... A patio nestles in the heart of the building, perceptible from the streets through three monumental accesses. In their lower part, the facades present an inflection to dilate the public space.
The curtain wall of the façade, with invisible fixation, is of "ventilated" design. Silk-screened on all sides and presenting large facets in places, it transforms the appearance of the volume into a smooth and mysterious monolith.
The architecture is as if sculpted, like an identifiable prism on the renovated suburban skyline. Abstract and immaterial during the day, at night the interior is visible, a luminous landmark of domestic use.


Office building

Project owner
Axe Promotion
City of Massy

Project management
Éric Bartolo BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate 

Joint development zone Paris-Briis, 91300 Massy


Surface area
7 700 m² floor net area 

Cost of construction work
14 600 000€ HT 

HQE certification

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