330 Housing units

Wroclaw (Pologne)

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330 Housing units

Wroclaw (Pologne)

This large-scale urban complex is one of the three projects launched as part of the "Mieszkanie Plus" state programme in Wroclaw.
The study area, a former railway wasteland related to the import-export of coal, stretches from West to East, from the Popowice port to the railway line, along the Oder (one of the main Polish rivers) and borders the northern border of the Popowicki Park.
This exceptional context awaits a large-scale urbanisation around the current port planned as a marina composed of mixed programmes, housing, tertiary sector and activities.
If the Oder presents an obvious attraction for the future inhabitants, the project also takes advantage of the rear park by drawing, through the regular implantation of 5 North-South residential buildings, visual and functional porosities with the river.
The ordered architecture (approved by the state, its developers and desired by the population) makes its concrete structure clad in white brick a compositional framework for glazed units of varying size and configuration. 
Landscaped pedestrian paths, punctuated by gardens, terraces and ponds, real playful walks, winding between or through the buildings and along the river, allow the entire programme to be linked in a gentle way.
This first operation of 330 dwellings already calls for another one in the southern part, even more important, to eventually transform the district into a landscaped hypercentre.


Type of project
330 social housing units

Type of mission
Complete (Design + Execution)

Project owner
Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Project management
Bartolo+Contré architects (FR)
Atelier-Tektura (PL)

Bialowieska site
Wroclaw (Poland)

Surface area
18 500 m² SDP

Cost of construction work
18 000 000€ before tax

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