40 Individual homes

Menucourt (95)



40 Individual homes

Menucourt (95)

It is about living outdoors, a house in a village and simultaneously enjoying the economic and urban dynamics very close to the new city of Cergy-Pontoise. This urban project organizes various densities in a visual relationship and renewed uses with the sometimes ignored countryside of our subdivisions of the last century. This campaign (its topography, its forests, its cultures) forms the horizon of streets and alleys. It is passable, potentially becoming the major public space of a new urban character on the edge, welcoming and active.
Architecture and nature are strongly linked. The project seeks to immerse the houses in a surrounding environment with a strong identity. The dwellings rise and fragment to look far away, the volumes open and shift to bring the landscape into the heart of the project. 
The entrance to each house is made up of successive sequences of various large private gardens.
Architecture respects all dimensions, the relationships between things, the balance of masses, the specificities of the situations of views and orientations and uses. 
For the harmony of the whole, it is in a relationship of drawing that the architectures of the different types of housing are written. The interior is of flexible design so that every type of living is allowed.


Type of project
Individual housing for sale

Type of mission
Complete mission (design + execution)

Project owner
Cergy Pontoise Aménagement/CFH - Consortium Français de l'Habitat

Project manager
Eric BARTOLO associate architect BVAU-Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme, 

Barrault & Pressacco (associated architects), Denis Gabillat (perspective designer) 

ZAC de la Pièce d'Alçon, 95 180 Ménucourt

Competition 2012 - Study phase 2014

Surface area
3,600 m² SDP 

Amount of work
4.2 M€ EXCL. TAX 


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