JO2024 - Village des médias - Lot B

Dugny (93)


JO2024 - Village des médias - Lot B

Dugny (93)

Bartolo+Contré is part of a large consortium that includes Sogeprom/Dematieu Bard Immobilier, with Hardel+Le Bihan, coordinating architects for lot A, and Michel Guthman Architecture & Urbanisme, coordinating lots B&C, as well as the architectural firms Bourbouze & Graindorge, Bathilde Millet Architecte, Itar, NRA, and the landscape designers D'Ici Là and Sébastien Sosson.
The project we have designed for Aire des Vents can become a demonstrator of a new imperative : an open and welcoming neighbourhood where life is good in all circumstances, centred on the quality of housing and its capacity to accommodate most human activities in the best conditions.
"Paysage(s)" favours a generational mix in quality housing. All generations live there, cross paths and live together in a harmony that creates a quality of life appreciated by all.
Our agency will deliver two specialised residences on lot B : a 115-apartment Senior Service Residence and a 37-apartment "Mobicap" residence for people with disabilities. They offer the best possible quality of life, in an environment that is well known and appreciated by the residents, in which they feel comfortable.
The architecture is designed with large openings to the Windward Area. The RSS (Senior Services Residences) are distinguished by a warm brick colour, while the Mobicap in modular structure is decorated with a light plaster.


Type of project
115 RSS housing units and 37 Mobicap housing units Mobicap

Type of mission
Study + Execution 

Project owner

Sogeprom/Dematieu Bard Immobilier

Project management
Bartolo+Contré architects

Hardel+Le Bihan (architects coordinator of lot A)
Michel Guthman Architecture & Urbanism (coordinator of lots B et C)
Bourbouze & Graindorge
Bathilde Millet Architect
D'Ici Là Sébastien Sosson Paysages

Dugny (93)

RSS: 7,360 m² SDP
MOBICAP : 1800 m² SDP

Cost of construction work
19 500 000 € before tax


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