Tertiary complex

Massy (91)

Communicating architecture

Tertiary complex

Massy (91)

Located on the edge of the Zac du square de Massy-Palaiseau, facing an unstructured immediate environment, this tertiary building has a signal role as an entrance to the district.
Its visible face, the first stage to be built, will become the figurehead of a second, more important section (lot C) which will transform the block into one of the most important in the district.
The architecture of the building is focused on its proposed scalability. This translates into a reproducible "building on a courtyard" typology and the implementation of fundamental flexible principles (choice of floor thicknesses and reversible technical concepts).
In the centre of the plot, protected from the outside world, the building revolves around a tree-lined patio. At the top of the patio, multiple terraces provide outdoor spaces for meetings, work or rest.
A "communicating" architecture, also present on the street, through these "perched" winter gardens which contrast with the rigorous rhythm of the openings.
Due to their thickness, the floors are designed to accommodate a wide variety of working methods. From open-space to traditional partitioning, everything is possible.
The construction is based on passive "low consumption" and HQE principles. The envelope is made up of a high thermal performance joinery skin. The winter gardens can be transformed into summer balconies, allowing better thermal regulation according to the season.


Offices in white

Type of mission
Complete (Design + Execution)

Project owner
EPP Massy T.I.G.R.E. Ile-de-France

Project manager
Éric Bartolo BVAU Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme associate 

Transsolar (HQE)
Meta (acoustics)
Art Pais (landscaping)

ZAC du Square, 91300 Massy

Under construction

Surface area
8,500 sq.m net floor area (phase 1) +
27,000 m² net floor area (phase 2)

Cost of construction
100 000 000€ before tax


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